Washer Toss

Washers is a popular party or lawn game that is very similar to the way Cornhole Throw is played. To begin, the 2 boxes are placed approx. 7.5m apart and the players stand next to their respective box. A player pitches the 4 washers consecutively which the opponent can pitch. The washers that land inside the pipe are worth 3 points and washers that land in the bottom of the box are worth 1 point. Only one player or the team can score points in any given round. After each round, the difference in points is given to the high player. For example, if player A scored 4 points and player B scored 1 point. Then player A will secure 3 points in that particular round. The first player or team to reach a total of 21 points wins the game.

Washers game hire

No. of Players

Individually or in teams of 2 to 4

What's included?

  • Black Wooden Lockup Box (Diameter 33.5cm)
  • PVC centre pipe
  • 4 Red washers
  • 4 Blue washers

Space Required

8m x 1m

Suggested Age


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Please note:

We do not supply to Private Events (e.g. Birthday parties, Weddings, Hens, Bucks, etc.).


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*** Please note, we currently DO NOT service Private Events (e.g. Weddings, Birthdays, Hens, Bucks parties, etc).