Summer Brand Activation Ideas 2024

Summer Brand Activation Ideas


As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, savvy marketers and brand activation agencies know that summer is the perfect time to unleash their creativity and connect with their target audience. With the outdoors beckoning and people looking to explore and engage, brands can leverage the season’s energy to make their message resonate with potential customers. Whether you are planning a beach-themed activation or an immersive experience, here are some summer brand activation ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Create a Summer Oasis

As the warm weather approaches, it’s time for brands to tap into their imaginative side and conjure up exceptional brand activations that will leave a lasting impression. One approach to accomplish this is to infuse a burst of summery colours and tones into the mix, establishing an inviting and lively atmosphere. By integrating bold and bright shades that exude emotions of warmth and excitement, brands can capture the audience’s attention and create a deep-seated impact.

Beyond the colour scheme, crafting a summer oasis with an exclusive and rejuvenating experience is paramount to make the brand activation stand out. Incorporating a variety of elements such as outdoor seating arrangements, thirst-quenching beverages, and interactive activities that offer attendees a chance to escape the scorching heat and relish a chill, refreshing environment can enhance the overall brand activation experience.


Reef, the renowned sun tan brand, made a splash by celebrating their 45th anniversary with a summer activation that was a feast for the senses. The iconic Bondi Beach was transformed into a vibrant and festive oasis, with bursts of colourful décor, branded giant deck chair, and refreshing coconuts. The electrifying atmosphere was further amplified by a live DJ performance in a custom branded Kombi van, creating an experience that was picture-perfect for both beachgoers and social media influencers alike.

Summer Brand Activation Ideas - Kombi & Co.

2. Collaborate with Summer Events

When it comes to brand activations, the location can make or break your campaign, and this is especially true in the summer. You need to consider your target audience’s demographics and preferences and choose a spot that aligns with their expectations.

For instance, if you are targeting young adults, a beach or music festival could be an excellent option. On the other hand, if families are your audience, a local park or community centre could be a better fit.


Betty’s Burger’s summer brand activation revved up with a trendy road trip around Sydney’s hottest beaches, spreading swag and style in a custom branded kombi van. With a focus on App downloads, Betty’s Burger enticed beach-goers with cool freebies such as sunnies and bucket hats that was totally Insta-worthy. The activation turned out to be a burst of success as hundreds of app downloads were achieved each day, making the campaign ride higher than the waves.

Summer Brand Activation - Kombi & Co

3. Brand Ambassadors as Your Secret Weapon

Brand ambassadors are a valuable asset for your summer brand activation, as they can help create a buzz around your campaign and provide a personal touch to your brand. To leverage this strategy, team up withe ambassadors who align with your brand values and message. They should be knowledgeable and passionate about your product or service, and possess the charisma and charm to captivate your audience.


The partnership launch activation of THE ICONIC and Ole Henriksen took influencer marketing to soaring new heights. Utilising custom branded scooters for a “fast delivery” campaign message was just the beginning. These scooters delivered Ole Henriksen’s beauty products to brand ambassadors who then shared their experiences on social media, resulting in a social reach that skyrocketed. It was the perfect way to create “gram-worthy” moments that resonated with their audience and showcased the brand in a unique and memorable way.

4. Go Local

Another summer brand activation idea is to integrate, local events to your marketing campaign. By collaborating with nearby businesses and organisations, you can create activations that align with the community’s vibe. Local event activation could be the game-changer you need to build a loyal following, as it enables you to establish a more intimate connection with your target audience. This way, you can enhance your brand’s relevance while simultaneously forging meaningful relationships. Don’t overlook the potential of local event activation- it could be the ace up your sleeve.

Westpac, one of Australia’s largest banks, showcased its creativity by utilising the power of local event activation. The bank’s sponsorship of the renowned fun run, City to Surf, enabled it to engage a vast audience while giving away nutritious and delicious protein balls, all served from a custom-branded Kombi van. This creative initiative was an immense hit, with the runners relishing a positive experience with the bank.

Sports Event Brand Activation - Kombi & Co

5. Create a Summer Pop Up Party

Summer is an opportune season for brands to take advantage of the great outdoors and devise creative brand activations. Rather than just settling for ordinary brand promotions, why not go for a unique theme that resonates with your audience? Think along the lines of a “beach party” or “backyard BBQ,” as these concepts are bound to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Interactive elements such as photo booths and games can also work wonders to add that extra touch of engagement to your brand activation. Whether it’s incorporating unconventional elements or using unexpected materials, there’s always a way to surprise and delight your customers.


Incorporating influencer marketing, V Energy executed an unforgettable brand experience with a summer pop-up activation on the sweeping sands of Bondi Beach. The fun beach activation was a burst of exitement, with beachgoers treated to a performance by electronic duo Mashd N Kutcher delivering an epic DJ set. By cleverly tying in a fun party beach theme, the brand maximised their reach and created a memorable experience for beach goers. With a fusion of social influencers and event activation, the marketing campaign truly shone and captivated the brand’s audience.

Beach activation ideas - Kombi & Co

6. Create Your Own Custom Branded Ice Cream Van

As the heatwave continues to sizzle, brands need to get creative with their summer brand activation ideas. Why not create a custom-branded gelato truck and take your brand on a road trip?  Offering refreshments or ice cream in your branded vehicle is a surefire way to give your customers a taste of your brand. Plus, by giving away samples that align with your brand values and the spirit of summer, you can create a positive association with your brand and drive sales.

With their innovative summer brand activation, David Jones elevated their presence by offering a complimentary scoop of delicious gelato in their own customised ice cream van stationed outside their flagship store in the bustling Sydney CBD.

Summer Marketing Activation Ideas - Kombi & Co.

7. Create Summer Inspired Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences have proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. From virtual reality simulations to live performances, creating an experience that your audience can participate in will leave a lasting impression. Consider incorporating your brand ambassadors into the experience to provide a more personal connection with your audience. This approach will help you forge deeper connections with your target market and increase brand loyalty.

Australian beach goers were in for a treat at Reef’s summer brand activation. Sun loving Aussies were enticed with free ‘Reef’ branded singlets and were encouraged to take photos on a custom branded giant deck chair. This made for a simple but hugely effective photo sharing opportunity that increased the brand’s social reach.

Summer Brand Activation Ideas - Kombi & Co.


Curating a successful summer brand activation requires careful planning, creativity, and a willingness to think outside the box. By choosing the right location, creating an immersive experience, utilising brand ambassadors and influencer marketing, offering product sampling, incorporating local event marketing, thinking outside the box and incorporating colourful and summery styling, your brand can create a memorable and engaging activation that resonates with your target audience.

So are you ready to make lasting connections with your consumers this summer? With our curated experiential marketing activations, you can achieve your marketing goals – from boosting brand awareness to gaining social followers. Whether it’s through creative pop-ups, exhibitions, or immersive experiences, we’ve got you covered.

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