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As the undisputed leader of mobile experiential marketing agency in Australia, we specialise in crafting creative brand activations, unforgettable mobile tours, mind-blowing PR stunts, and sensational pop-up events.

Our secret ingredient?

Collaborative wizardry. Working hand in hand with each client, we curate tailor-made strategies that align perfectly with your brand’s story.

Whether you’re unveiling a groundbreaking product, unleashing brand recognition, or supercharging your customer acquisition, you can expect the best experiential marketing campaigns that creates loyal fans.


vehicle branding & customisation

Transform your vehicle into a canvas of creativity, crafting the ultimate promotional masterpiece that soars above the ordinary.

brand ambassadors

Imagine a team that doesn't just wear your brand; they embody it, becoming the living, breathing essence of your brand, poised to captivate your audience.


Our custom set builds are not mere constructions; they're an immersive experience that beckons your audience to explore, engage and become part of your brand journey.

venue sourcing & Permits

Our venue-sourcing & permits expertise allows your brand activation to seamlessly align with your vision so you reach your audience at the right place & time.





Adore Beauty

Adore Beauty’s SPF365 mobile marketing trip in partnership with Skin Smart Australia. This experiential marketing activation offered free skin checks, expert insights, and giveaways. Featuring Kombi & Co’s custom-branded van, we visited iconic spots like Bondi and Coffs Harbour, promoting year-round sun protection and fostering lasting community connections.


Berocca’s creative Live Art + Music activation featured Mulga the Artist painting a Kombi Van while DJ Tigerlily performing in it. The experiential campaign celebrated Berocca’s ’50 years of Energy’, focusing on product sampling and content creation.

V Energy

V Energy launched a vibrant summer brand activation at Bondi Beach, featuring DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher. The pop-up party combined product sampling and entertainment in a branded Kombi DJ van, creating an engaging and memorable experience for beach goers.


OPPO’s innovative brand activation featured personalized marketing with 3D-printed selfies on ice creams. This cutting-edge experiential marketing campaign captivated audiences with customised, engaging experiences.

The ICONIC x Ole Henriksen

THE ICONIC partnered with Ole Henriksen for an influencer marketing campaign using branded gelato carts to deliver products around Sydney. The campaign boosted brand exposure, creating shareable social media content and engaging customers with a fun, interactive experience.

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At Kombi & Co, we love thinking out of the box.

We partner with marketing professionals and experiential marketing agencies to amplify brand experiences that excite and engage.

Our mission:

To help bring brand activations and experiential marketing campaigns to life through our innovation, problem solving and creativity.

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Experiential marketing is like the rockstar of the marketing  world. Instead of just promoting your product or service via traditional marketing methods (e.g. print, digital, out of home), you’re inviting them to experience it firsthand.

Experiential marketing is creating immersive experiences that connect with your audience on a deeper level. Whether it’s through brand activations, interactive installations, marketing tours, pop-up shops or events, experiential campaigns brings your brand to life.

Traditional advertising is like shouting your message from the rooftops and hoping someone hears you. Experiential marketing, on the other hand, is like throwing an epic party and inviting your favourite people to join in. Here are some perks:

  • Genuine Connections: Experiential marketing lets you build authentic connections with your audience by letting them interact with your brand in meaningful ways.
  • Memorable Impact: Memory recall is far better with experiences than traditional ads.
  • Engagement & Word of Mouth – When you invite people to something cool, they can’t help but share their experiences. Experiential marketing generates boosts engagement organically, turning people into brand advocates.
  • Differentiation – in a world where people are bombarded with info in the digital realm, experiential marketing is interactive, unique and sets you apart from the competition.
  • Data and insights – Experiential marketing isn’t just fun and gimmicks – it’s also a goldmine for data. You can gather valuable insights about your audience’s preferences, behaviors and sentiments, helping you fine-tune your future marketing efforts.

There are various types of experiential marketing, each designed to engage audiences in unique and memorable ways. Here are some common types:

  • Branded Content Experiences – blend storytelling with real-world interactions to create compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. This could involve live events or producing immersive videos. E.g. Coco & Eve’s Summer Brand Activation was an epic live event that invited the general public & influencers to experience their product first hand.
  • Interactive experiences – these creative campaigns invite participation from the audience, allowing them to become active participants rather than passive observers. E.g. OPPO’s #SelfieServe truck with 3D Printing Technology allowed people upload their selfie through their and have it printed on an ice cream
  • Brand Installations – immersive experiences created by brands to showcase their products or values. These can include interactive exhibits, multimedia displays and art installations. E.g. Berocca’s Live Art Installation in the heart of Martin Place, Sydney.
  • Pop Up Events – temporary installations or experiences that appear in unexpected locations, such as public spaces and high traffic flow areas. These can range from product showcases, themed activations and interactive demos. E.g. V Energy’s Summer Pop Up Party at Bondi Beach.

Partnering with an experiential marketing agency can offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to create impactful and memorable brand experiences. Some key advantages are: expertise & creativity, access to resources and technology, strategic planning,  efficiency & execution and collaborative collaboration.

Here are some common challenges that marketers are faced with in the world of experiential marketing:

  1. Audience Engagement – while experiential marketing is all about engaging audiences in meaningful ways, capturing and maintaining their attention can be challenging. With increasingly distracted and digital savvy consumers, cutting through the noise and crafting a unique campaign requires creativity, experience and strategic planning. 
  2. Logistical considerations – Pulling of a successful experiential marketing campaign involves juggling numerous moving parts, from venue sourcing & permits to staffing and production. Managing logistics and ensuring everything runs smoothly is a critical element in any experiential marketing.
  3. Budget constraints – Creating fun, unique and memorable brand experiences often requires significant investment in resources, logistics and technology. For some businesses, budget limitations can pose a challenge to executing a successful large-scale experiential marketing campaign.
  4. Sustainability and Environmental Impact – with growing focus on businesses striving to be more environmentally conscious, the environmental impact of experiential marketing is an important consideration.
  5. Measuring ROI – Unlike traditional marketing methods where metrics like acquisition rates and impressions are more straightforward, quantifying the impact of immersive experiences can be trickier. 
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