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What is Out of Home (OOH) Media?

Out of home media (OOH) is an advertising medium that uses physical locations and surfaces to deliver ads to consumers. It is non-targeted, meaning it reaches a wide range of people due to its placement in public spaces, transportation carriers, and other places with high foot traffic.

OOH encompasses four main categories: billboards, transit advertisement, street furniture, and alternative public locations.

Types of Out of Home Advertising

Billboards are the most common type of out of home advertising, typically seen on roadsides and highways in high-traffic areas. They come in many sizes and shapes such as backlit posters or digital displays.

Transit advertisements can be found on buses, trains, and taxi cabs.

Street furniture ads are typically attached to stationary items such as benches or telephone poles.

Finally, alternative out of home media locations include public restrooms, elevators, gas stations, convenience stores, and more.

Did You Know?

A study conducted by Kinetic Worldwide found that out of home media campaigns incorporating experiential brand activations can increase reach by up to 70%.

Ways to Amplify your Out of Home Media Campaign

Out of home media is an effective way to reach out to potential customers due to its large-scale presence in public spaces, transportation carriers, and other places with high foot traffic.

Extending your OOH reach can be done through experiential campaigns, brand activations and out of home creative executions.

Experiential campaigns involve brand activations, live events and interactive experiences that are designed to create a lasting impression with consumers. These out of home activations can be used to build awareness and loyalty as well as directly drive sales.

Why Brand Activations are an integral part of your OOH Advertising Mix

Incorporating Brand activations with your OOH campaign is an engaging way to build relationships and loyalty with your target audience by creating an immersive, interactive experience.

Through brand activations, you can create one-of-a-kind out of home experiences in unique locations such as local parks or popular tourist spots that people may not otherwise be exposed to traditional out of home media channels.

By leveraging out of home media along with experiential campaigns and brand activations, you can reach more people than ever before! Start thinking outside the box and explore all the possibilities out of home media has to offer.

If you want to extend your out of home media audience beyond these categories and reach out to a wider demographic base, experiential campaigns can be have a positive impact on your marketing ROI.

Experiential campaigns involve activations that bring brands and consumers together by creating unique physical experiences tailored to specific target audiences. Brand activations can come in the form of pop-up shops, art installations, product demonstrations, interactive events – anything that encourages customers to engage with a brand in an innovative way.

Innovative out of home media coupled with experiential brand activations can help you reach out to a wider audience and maximise the visibility of your message.

Out of Home Advertising Brand Activation - Kombi & Co

Case Study - 'SPIRITED' (Apple TV+ Movie )

Apple TV+ movie ‘Spirited’, increased their OOH Advertising reach by hosting an experiential brand activation at Bondi Beach, Australia.

The festive movie starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds is a modern musical version of the classic Charles Dickens story taking its viewers on a magical journey. In keeping with this theme, the creative brand activation involved treating members to free Snow Cones from a custom branded Kombi Van,  live performances and a screening of the movie right in the heart of Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach.

By leveraging out of home media along with experiential campaigns and brand activations, you can reach more people than ever before. Are you ready to think outside the box and explore all the possibilities Brand Activations has to offer?

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