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Welcome to the chilliest, coziest corner of marketing magic – where winter brand activations do so much more than just warm your hands with a free cup of cocoa.

In this blog, we’re rounding up the most creative and viral winter activation ideas and exploring how brands like Bumble, Jim Beam and Adore Beauty have turned frosty seasons into hotbeds of community connection and brand loyalty.

Winter activations aren’t simply about seasonal gimmicks – they’re carefully curated experiences, strategically timed to engage audiences when it matters most. 

From mobile marketing tours to surf and snow festivals, these winter activations are as targeted as they are thoughtful. And here’s the kicker – they’re not just effective, they can be cost effective too. By sidestepping peak times and venue fees, brands can stretch their budgets further and ensure their message shines amidst the colder months.

Benefits of Winter Activations

Activating during winter can offer several key benefits:

  1. Reduced Competition: Winter often sees a decrease in marketing activities and events, meaning less competition for consumer attention. With fewer brands vying for the spotlight, your winter activation stands a better chance of being noticed and remembered.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Many venues offer reduced rates for winter bookings due to lower demand, allowing you to stretch your budget further for venue sourcing & permit fees. Additionally, outdoor spaces may be more affordable during winter months, offering cost-effective opportunities for large-scale activations.

  3. Increased Engagement: Cold weather tends to drive people indoors, making indoor events and activations more attractive to consumers. By providing engaging indoor experiences during winter, you can capture the attention of a captive audience and foster deeper engagement with your brand.

  4. Seasonal Relevance: Aligning your activation with the winter season can make your brand more relevant and relatable to consumers. By tapping into seasonal themes and sentiments, you can create a sense of connection and resonance with your target audience.

  5. Opportunities for Creativity: Winter offers unique opportunities for creativity and innovation in activations. From cozy indoor experiences to outdoor adventures in the snow, the winter landscape provides a blank canvas for imaginative brand storytelling and experiential marketing campaigns.

  6. Community Building: Winter activations can bring communities together during a time when people are seeking warmth, connection, and shared experiences. By hosting events that appeal to local audiences and align with community values, you can foster a sense of belonging and strengthen brand loyalty.

Overall, activating during winter allows brands to leverage seasonal dynamics, reduce costs, and create meaningful connections with consumers in a less crowded marketing landscape.

1. Bumble's "Hot Noodle Food Truck"

Bumble turned up the heat with a winter brand activation that warmed hearts and bellies alike. The custom branded pop up Kombi van hit the road, dishing out free pot noodles in exchange for a download of the Bumble app. It was a fun and engaging winter activation that strategically connected with university students across Australia.

2. Adore Beauty's Roaming Skin Clinic

Adore Beauty, Australia’s leading online beauty retailer took to the streets with a mission: to spread sunshine and skincare awareness all year round with their “SPF 365” experiential marketing campaign. From Bondi to Ballina, the brand’s mobile marketing tour offered free skin checks and samples of their latest sunscreen.

Spreading warmth and wisdom, this winter activation  promoted sun safety all year round as well as forged connections with the local communities.

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3. Jim Beam's Winter Pop Up Bar

As the main pop up bar at a hugely popular surf festival ‘Seas the Day’ in Queensland, Jim Beam served up good vibes and their signature Bourbon, aligning the brand with the local surf community and the art of ‘having a good time’. It was a creative winter activation that left everyone feeling stoked and enjoy the sunshine.

4. Hot Chocolate Cart @ SnowFest

There’s nothing like serving up a soul warming mug of hot chocolate at a winter festival.

North Sydney’s Snow Fest is an annual winter activation that transforms the cityscape to a winter wonderland. It features 50 tonnes of snow as well as mechanical snowboarding, live music, mulled wine and free hot chocolates for all attendees.

Unique Coffee & Hot Chocolate Carts can be a great addition to bringing cozy vibes to winter activations, blending indulgence with a community spirit & bringing people together.

5. Meat Mate's Espresso Van Tour

Meat Mates, a health conscious pet food brand unleashed a bark-worthy winter activation that had tails wagging across Sydney’s dog parks. This clever experiential campaign featured barista-made coffees, puppuccinos and gourmet treats for the dogs that sparked plenty of attention and lively conversation about the health conscious pet food brand.

Popping up at key dog parks around Sydney, the sleek custom branded coffee van turned heads, sparked curiosity and delighted furry friends.


As we wrap up our favourite winter activation ideas, it’s clear that these chilly months offer a wealth of opportunities for brands willing to embrace the season. From reduced competition and cost efficiencies to increased engagement and seasonal relevance, activating during winter presents a host of advantages. 

By carefully planning and executing winter brand activations that resonate with audiences on a deeper level, brands can create memorable experiences that build loyalty and community spirit.

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