Berocca’s Creative Kombi Brand Activation feat. Live Art & Music

Live Art Kombi Brand Activation

Creative Brand Activation

Brand: Berocca
Location: Martin Place, Sydney
Brand Activation Purpose:

  • Berocca Celebrates 50 years of Energy Event
  • Product Sampling
  • Digital content creation


  • A celebration combining DJ Tigerlily in Kombi DJ van whilst ‘Mulga’ the Artist simultaneously paints the Kombi van.
Best Kombi DJ Van Tigerlily

Imagine walking along the busy footpath in Martin Place during your lunch break and seeing an Mulga the Artist painting a Kombi Van, whilst DJ Tigerlily mixes fresh tunes from the same promotional Kombi van. This is exactly what went down as part of Berocca’s creative brand activation as part of celebrating their ‘50 years of Energy event’ which also included product sampling & content creation.

The creative brand activation concept involved ‘Mulga the Artist’ using our Kombi van as his canvas to paint an illustration that is famous for his signature tropical & funky vibes.

Combined with one of Australia’s favourite DJs Tigerlily entertaining the crowd with her uplifting & fun tunes from our Kombi DJ van, it had the perfect recipe to turn heads resulting in plentiful social sharing, photo taking & booty shaking on the street.

Berocca, renowned for their health supplements certainly succeeded in giving people their b-b-bounce during their work week!

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