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Have you ever been at a brand activation event and thought to yourself:

“The visuals are breathtaking.”

“The technology is top notch.”

“The interactive elements? Spot on.”

But you realise that something is missing.

The overall atmosphere doesn’t quite hit the mark.

So what was the key element that’s lacking?

It’s the music. 

Despite how crucial the ‘right music’ is for successful brand activations, it’s an element that often gets overlooked. 

We’ve witnessed countless events where music is a last-minute scramble, with staff frantically deciding on a playlist and deciding whose phone will DJ – right on activation day! And it’s not just small brands – even global brands getting caught up in the frenzy.

The Science Behind Music in Marketing

Don’t just take our word for it—music in advertising has been studied extensively and proven to be a critical success factor in marketing. These studies bring home the message:

  • A study titled “The Influential Power and the Importance of Music in Advertising and Marketing” published in SSRN found that music has a powerful influence on consumers and is crucial for TV ads. Surveying managers of big commercial companies and their customers to determine the importance of music in advertising.

The study concluded that music helps consumers understand the advertising message and connects on an emotional level, often leading directly to purchases.


  • Then there’s a 2022 article from Kantar “Can anybody hear me? The power of music in advertising.” It analysed data from their Link database and discovered that music significantly impacts the emotional response, makes ads more memorable, boosts appeal to the target audience, and enhances brand visibility.

This article highlights that using well-known songs can increase ad distinctiveness by 11 points on average.

Plus, the repeated use of the same music and incorporating the brand name helps build strong brand associations.

These studies offer solid evidence that music is a powerhouse in advertising. It enhances emotional connections, memorability, and brand association, ultimately driving consumer purchase behaviour.

Music In Marketing Activations - Kombi & Co

Why is Music important in Marketing & Activations?

In the fast paced realm of marketing, our clients often get caught up in the visual elements and tend to overlook one of our most potent tools in creating memorable brand activations: music.

Music in marketing is the unsung hero, often underestimated yet immensely influential in creating brand experiences. The goal of this article is to highlight why music is the universal language that should play an important role in your brand activation planning and overall promotional goals.

The Emotional Resonance

Do you remember a time when a song immediately transported you to another phase of your life? 

Perhaps it was a summer anthem that brought back memories of the beach.

Or a soothing melody that eases your anxieties.

Music in marketing can create this enchanting ability to evoke emotions and trigger memories. It’s a powerful tool in creating long term memory encoding in consumers, so it’s no wonder that it plays critical a role in brand activations. When you incorporate music into your event, it goes beyond filling silence. You’re embarking on a journey with your target audience.

Consider a product launch. The anticipation, the air is infectious and upbeat music enhances that excitement.

Or picture a pop up shop. The gentle soothing melodies can make guests feel at home.

It’s about creating an emotional connection that leaves a lasting impression of your brand.

Strengthening Brand Identity

Brand identity goes beyond a logo or colour palette. Music in advertising embodies the core of your brand’s personality. The perfect musical backdrop can become as iconic as your branding and increase brand recognition.

Creating a Multisensory Experience

We live in a world filled with multi sensory experiences. Consumers now expect unforgettable brand engagements that appeal to more than their sense of sight and touch.

By incorporating music in advertising, brands can enrich the emotional impact and create an immersive atmosphere. It’s like going from a black and white movie to a 3D animation film. 

Music in Marketing Activations - 5 Creative Examples

Here are some brand activation examples that cleverly weaved in the power of music:

1. V Energy

V Energy’s summer activations often feature high energy tunes & DJs that align with their fun & dynamic persona. It’s more than just a background sound; they value the music culture and understand what it takes to incorporate it to reinforce their brand identity.

2. lululemon

Activewear brand lululemon totally gets their target audience. To showcase their new men’s golf pants, they sponsored a “party hole” at a charity golf day.

The creative activation featured a retro Kombi van turned DJ booth, pumping out tunes that amped the vibe and eased the nerves of the golf shots.

The star studded golf day was an absolute blast, with guests grooving to the DJ set and even breaking out in dance moves. And to top it all off, everyone who took a shot scored a free pair of lululemon’s golf pants!

3. Jim Beam

Jim Beam’s integration of music in their experiential marketing campaign was one for the books. They didn’t just serve their signature bourbon at music and surf festivals.

The brand featured electrifying DJ sets that brought the campaign to life. People didn’t just observe and interact with the product; they could feel the excitement resonating through the music.

Needless to say the summer activation was a smashing hit, increasing brand loyalty and sales numbers soaring.

Brand Activation Music Festival - Kombi & Co

4. Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve nailed the summer vibes with their epic marketing activation. The live event featured free goodie bags, coconuts, ice cream, and influencers all chilling in a summer oasis right on Bondi Beach. And what seamlessly integrated the music and brand together? A DJ set from a custom branded Kombi van mixing beach tunes that fit the vibe like a glove. This is another successful example of music and advertising seamlessly executed in the guise of a beach party.

DJ in a Van - Kombi & Co

5. Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman’s football sponsorship is another creative example that understands music-infused marketing. Sponsoring the GWS Giants’ match day entertainment, they book top DJs that totally vibe with the crowd, pumping up the energy pre-match and during the game.

With killer lighting, awesome effects, and free goodies handed out during DJ sets, they know how music can create an electrifying atmosphere to keep the crowd buzzing!

Sports DJ - Kombi & Co

How to Use Music as Marketing Tool - Practical Tips

So how can you seamlessly integrate the right music into your brand activations? Here are some suggestions:

1. Understand your Audience

Get to know what your target audience enjoys listening to. The right music should resonate with their tastes and enhance their experience.

2. Stay Authentic to Your Brand

Ensure that the musical choices align with your brand’s message. Consistency is crucial – your sound should be as distinctive, as your logo. 

3. Curate with Care

Choose music and develop playlists that complement the theme and ambiance of your activation. A curated playlist can help maintain the energy levels to keep your consumers engaged at an event.

4. Incorporate Live Entertainment

Consider incorporating live music if your budget allows, as it can bring a thrilling element to your event. For example live performances with musicians, artists and DJs can contribute to an unforgettable ambiance. 

5. Leverage Technology

Utilise technology to enrich the experience. For instance a silent disco can make the music feel immersive and engaging.


In the grand symphony of brand activations, music is a critical element to turn your campaign into a roaring success. It’s the universal language that has the potential to transform your event from good to exceptional. So next time you’re planning an activation, ask yourself,

“What’s the soundtrack of my brand?”

By crafting the right music, you can craft brand experiences that deeply resonate leave a lasting impact and entice your audience coming back for more.

How We Can Amplify your Marketing Activation

  • Talented and professional DJs & musicians spinning the perfect tunes for your brand
  • Eye-catching DJ booths that boost your activation’s visual appeal
  • Top-notch audio and lighting to amplify the visual impact
  • Curated playlists with energy levels to match any moment

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